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This website has been developed so that news about Belize and Mayan Seaside can be posted here. Since it was developed before there was a property owners association it is not intended as a vehicle for imparting information from the MSPOA. It will be published every two months. Experience has shown that a  monthly issue is too time consuming. If you have any comments about the content of this website, or suggestions for improving it's content please email me at [email protected]. Many thanks are due to Jeff J. for his work in creating this web site.


Well, there have been some major changes here since the last edition.We were feeling pretty good about the number of cases of Covid-19 but then the airport was opened to allow Belizeans to come home, people got complacent  and the number of border jumpers went way up. End result, we are getting hammered by the virus. As of this mrning (Aug 31) there are over 800 positive cases here. not all of these people are sick but they all are carriers. Government can't afford to isntitute another countery wide quarantine, we came close to having people starve the last time so half measures are in place. you can't go out in public without a mask, social distancing is required and enforced in some stores. Restaurants can only do take out food and bars are closed. Travel is not restricted but not encouraged. Schools are going to online classes as soon as possible. Basically the idea is to isolate people as much as possible. Mind you these restrictions are only in force for another week so we'll see what happens then.

It has been very quiet around here but that is normal for this time of the year more or less. Weather is hot and humid with frequent thunderstorms unlike last year when we had the drought. There have been 13 named storms so far and we are only at the end of August. That's higher than had been predicted so the number of expected storms has been revised upwards. September and October are when we here start watching for hurricanes, ones that form earlier usually head north and give us a good miss.

Not really much else to talk about, election fever will soon heat up and of course September is party month but its quite possible that the party scene will not be the usual this year. Airport is due to open Oct. 1st but then again it was supposed to open August 15th. We're not sure how many of our snowbird friends will make it back this year.

In this edition lots of news, both Belize news and local news, not all about Covid-19 surprisingly.  Some update in the Seaside news. Nothing really in the Activities page but a review of a new restaurant over in Cosejo in the Owner's page. A bit in the Neighbourhood watch page and that's it. usual drill commente etc to [email protected] Stay safe all.