November/Decemberr 2018 

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November/December 2016

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This website has been developed so that news about Belize and Mayan Seaside can be posted here. Since it was developed before there was a property owners association it is not intended as a vehicle for imparting information from the MSPOA. It will be published every two months. Experience has shown that a  monthly issue is too time consuming. If you have any comments about the content of this webpage, or suggestions for improving it's content please email me at [email protected]. Many thanks are due to Jeff J. for his work in creating this web site.


Hello everybody, here we are at the end of 2018 heading into 2019. looking back we have had a quiet year more or less, the snowbirds come and go while we who are here full time have our usual quiet summer. At first we are somewhat relieved that it is so quiet, a chance to catch our breath so to speak but as the summer rolls on we start looking forward to seeing friends again and do get a bit impatient waiting for them to arrive. And it has filled up with pretty much the majority of the snowbirds here now.

The Christmas season has gone by without as many problems with theft as in previous years. The cane season has started so cane cutters are being paid and there is a fair amount of construction work so unemployment is relatively low. means that people are being paid so have cash for the holiday. Still it promise to be not the best year for the cane farmers sugar price is low and Belize has lost the contract with the EU for a sugar quota. Sugar from beets is making a large inroad into the market and beet sugar is cheaper than cane sugar.

Christmas time is a bit different here. Folks from the various churches have been making the rounds bringing Christmas dinners to those who probably would not be able to afford it or to seniors who don't have family in the immediate area. We don't really have the large charity organizations that are found in both the US and Canada so more tends to be done by individual parishes. There is a Rotary club in Corozal that does a lot of work in the community but generally folk rely more on family and churches. It still gives me a great deal of amusement going onto stores and hearing songs like Jingle Bells or I'm dreaming of a White Christmas being played. The only time that I can remember frozen water from the sky was some years back when a hailstorm went through one summer's day. The Belizeans talked about "ice from the sky" for weeks afterwards.

On a more somber note, we have lost another long term resident from Consejo Shores. He had been ill for a while,   was transferred to a clinic in Belize City for surgery to correct bleeding ulcers but as happens while the surgery was successful pneumonia set and he was too weak to fight it off. The sole resident of the former Buccaneer bay, now Las Brisas de Consejo, has left. Her husband passed away some time back so she has sold the house and gone back to the USA. We are an aging community in the main so these things are going to happen as time goes on.

So, in this issue, we have both the news sections updated, as is the comings and goings. As with last issue there are some new prices in the real estate section and some new info in both the Neighbourhood Watch and FYI sections. I think I've added some photos in the Birds album as well as in the oddities album. I hope that you all have had a good holiday season whatever it is that you celebrated and hopefully the new year will bring you nothing but good.