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November/December 2016

Welcome to the Mayan Seaside Newsletter Website

This website has been developed so that news about Belize and Mayan Seaside can be posted here. Since it was developed before there was a property owners association it is not intended as a vehicle for imparting information from the MSPOA. It will be published every two months. Experience has shown that a  monthly issue is too time consuming. If you have any comments about the content of this webpage, or suggestions for improving it's content please email me at [email protected]. Many thanks are due to Jeff J. for his work in creating this web site.


Summer is winding down here and we should be well and truly into the summer/fall rains but this year it has not happened. We are officially in drought conditions here in Belize and indeed in most of Central America. In a normal year we would get about 50 inches (120 cm) of rain but so far this year we haven't had anywhere near that amount and it doesn't look like September and October will make up the difference. Inland corn crops are so stunted so the corn is only good for cattle feed and considering that tortillas (made with corn masa) are a staple in the local diets this has a potential for hard times among the poorer of the locals. The New River has become decidedly polluted and at some stretches looks like an open sewer without the annual flushing done by the rainy season. The river only clears once you get above the last populous settlement, Shipyard, after which very few, if any, people live. 

The drought is having another counter intuitive effect and that is dengue fever cases are on the rise. Dengue is carried by mosquitos and one would expect that no rain means no mosquitos. People are generally desperate enough for water that they are storing any water that they can in any type of  barrel or such so providing a home for mosquito larvae. The situation is not unique to Belize but all across Central America. Corozal town sent out the fogger truck a few days back but that is at best a very temporary solution and the mossie population rebounds in a couple of days. 

September will be the party month here in Belize as we have the anniversary of the Battle of St George's Caye and Independence Day during that month. Work on projects generally slows down during the month as workers tend to be partying and so not always up for working the day after. Meanwhile, July and August are usually the months that a couple of carnivals roll into town set up for a week or two then move on. Lots of old fashioned rides like Ferris Wheels, Merry-go-rounds and the like which pretty much all Belizeans love. Mind you these carnivals probably would not be allowed in the US or Canada as the equipment is old and probably would not meet the safety standards required. The people who maintain these rides probably make their own parts when repairs are necessary which would cause safety inspections major conniption fits back in North America.That doesn't seem to worry local folk much however!

Next year is the general election and the news media are starting to get worked up over the iniquities of government or the stupidities of the opposition. Belizeans take their politics very seriously I think more so than in either the US or Canada, both of which will be in election fever mode this coming fall. Most of we expats tend to stay out of politics. We can vote in municipal elections if we are property owners but generally we have to be either permanent residents or citizens to vote in the general election. The exception to this is if you come from a Commonwealth country and have been living in Belize for a year. In that case you can register to vote. This applies to all Commonwealth countries. Again, not many of us are interested in politics and we are usually ignored by the politicians anyways.

So, in this issue there are several articles in the Belize news page and the local news page. The usual comings and goings in the Mayan Seaside page plus a brief memorial to Bob Bugnand. He had just recently been diagnosed with bone cancer. He and Sharon were selling out and going back to the US for his treatment but he didn't make it. First Jim then Bob, not happiness making events. There is an account of our vacation across the water in the owners page and the minutes of the neighbourhood watch group. The FYI page is pretty much unchanged but there is a new album in the photo section as well as updates in the Birds of Belize and Fishing albums. Almost had a tarpon picture to add but lines got tangled and the fish was lost. So, that's it comments etc go to [email protected] usual drill. Take care all.