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November/December 2016

Welcome to the Mayan Seaside Newsletter Website

This website has been developed so that news about Belize and Mayan Seaside can be posted here. Since it was developed before there was a property owners association it is not intended as a vehicle for imparting information from the MSPOA. It will be published every two months. Experience has shown that a  monthly issue is too time consuming. If you have any comments about the content of this webpage, or suggestions for improving it's content please email me at [email protected]. Many thanks are due to Jeff J. for his work in creating this web site.


We are now in the dry season and the weather is definitely heating up. I must say that it has been hotter in past years we've had a couple of days or rain so cooled off a bit. It does  mean that the mosquitos have made  an appearance .They will tend to disappear as it gets drier unless we have more rain than usual. In the 9 years that we have been here I've noticed a change in the weather patterns. In the past we had cold weather in December, cold fronts and rain, but the past couple of years these have extended into January. So, I don't know if we will have more rain than usual before the official rainy season starts in June.

Politically here it is a bit tense. Oh nothing like what is happening in Venezuela we are much cooler here but the hot item that stirs up a significant amount of passion is the topic of the referendum. What referendum you may ask. There has been a longstanding territorial dispute between Guatemala and Belize which is not subject to negotiation, tried and failed several times. So both governments have decided to take the dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The topic of the referendum is just that "do the people of Belize agree to taking the problem to the ICJ yes or no". This was supposed to be held on April 10 but an injunction was obtained by the Opposition against it. I won't go into any more details, there is an article about this in the National news section but suffice it to say there are a lot of strong opinions on this topic. I hear some of you saying so what. Well if they go to the ICJ and Belize loses, Guatemala gets about 1/3 of Belize and it is likely that the remaining 2/3rds will eventually be absorbed by Mexico at some point in the future. On the other hand if Belize wins there is no guarantee that Guatemala will honour the judgement There is an  article in the FYI section by a professor of international law which explains Belize's case better than I can.

The sugar harvest is ongoing, the cane farmers have a quota to fulfil so cane is still being cut. However, prices are low on the international market so advance payments to the farmers are low and this translates to less cane cutters being employed. End result the economy of Corozal District is being negatively impacted. So more guys looking for work and less work for them. Crime rate hasn't gone up much despite the fact that there was a break-in over in the village but Easter is over so maybe we will have dodged a bullet for now. Break-ins always spike before Christmas and Easter.The biggest problem here is that although there is often lots of work jobs only last for a few days leaving unemployment relatively high. 

There are some changes ongoing along the Consejo Road. Two large areas just down from Consejo Shores have been cleared, one area is being fenced with a quite attractive stone wall and possible fencing on top of that. The other has a series of plantings ongoing, not sure what the results will be but it gives us something to talk about. There is at least one house being built on the access road by somebody from the village on one of the lots that were distributed a couple of years back. Also, Consejo Shores is expanding, a number of lots have been cleared and are up for sale although there isn't any infrastructure in that area yet. Rumour has it that the library lot and community center lot will be up for sale but that hasn't happened yet.

I've already mentioned some of the new articles that appear in this issue but there are three other articles in the Belize news section concerning a bank and one of the other developments in the area. In the local news section two stories have been added and you will find the comings and goings section in the Mayan Seaside section has been updated. Activities section has been updated with a local activity and a national one. While the Ruta Maya is not a Mayan Seaside activity it is a hotly anticipated race here in Belize so I thought why not add it to our newsletter. I have met an individual who has competed in the race over several years and it is an extremely gruelling run down the Belize/Mopan River (never really sure what the proper name for that river is) Four days of heat, exhaustion and mosquitos, not a lot of fun to my mind!  Owners' page has been updated as have the FYI and Neighbourhood watch pages. Some new or updated photos in all albums, especial thanks to Pam for the dolphin pic and the great shot of the frigate bird. So that is it for this issue I will warn you that there probably won't be another issue until August. Louise and I are going on vacation and will be away for the month of June so I doubt that I will have time to put together anything new. At that time I may tell you about our trip to Italy and the cruise around some of the Greek islands. Take care all and any comments etc you know the drill. JB